Hello Everyone,

I created this fun gallery in my Den so I thought Id share! Its easier to do than you think-so lets give it a try!


The first thing you need to do is buy framed artwork (elephant shown is from One Kings Lane) or empty frames and add your own art. For framing-you can either purchase individual ones or purchase a set of gallery frames (even more than one set if you want to mix and match).  West Elm has great gallery frames, but you can get less expense sets from Amazon or other online sights. The gallery frames will most likely come with a mat inside which means that you can choose 2 different print sizes. Mix it up. Alternate between using the mats and filling up the whole frame. This helps create another cool dimension to the gallery!

SONY DSCSometimes when you purchase gallery frames they come with photographs you can choose to use or replace. So I usually keep those in and replace them as I  purchase or print pictures. You can purchase cool prints from Etsy or print the image yourself-either to match the size frames you ordered, or the other way around if you already have the prints. You can also use inspirational quotes as artwork  and mix it up!

SONY DSC Once you have all of your frames, choose an area close by and lay it all out so you can create your gallery. When you have situated the gallery to your liking, start from the center frame and work your way out to the sides. Keep pulling individual frames and hang them one by one until you are all done. I don’t have much patience so I preferred to put my picture gallery up first! Then as I started collecting images, I replaced the photos one by one.



Keep in mind, you can chose a smaller area to start with-maybe above a dresser, on an accent wall or even on the wall above your armchair. I have a smaller gallery of mirrored frames above my bar cart with family photos-looks very glam:)  The possibilities are endless when created your Gallery!

Hope you enjoyed!



Styling:  Jessica Boskoff from Twenty Three Layers

Frames:  Amazon

Artwork: Etsy

Framed Artwork: One Kings Lane

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