SONY DSCHi Everyone!

With the holidays coming up I wanted to share a rustic tablescape we created for West Elm during our workshop this past Saturday! Lots of fun, easy entertaining, and great ideas for your Thanksgiving table! Above are items we used which are good to keep on hand for when its your turn to host a dinner…

SONY DSCHere is the rustic tablescape we created mixing and matching various sets of dishes, placing small pellegrino’s at each station along with mini baguettes with a sprig of rosemary tied together with jute. It makes a perfect place card, and edible too! We also had tiny bottles of individual olive oil which allows guests to pour them into their mini dish already containing sea salt and herbs. Looks adorable, screams rustic, and the host doesn’t have to worry about the first drink or having something for the guests to nosh on!

SONY DSCHere is a shot featuring the printed menu we made and slipped right into a frame so guests know what they are having, without having to keep asking the  host!

SONY DSCWe alternated 2 different styles, while staying within the same overall theme. For this pacesetting I used a slate placemat, different napkin pattern (which was placed underneath the plate, instead of on top) and a different appetizer plate.

SONY DSCA long shot of how pretty the table came out!

SONY DSCAnd here is the final result! Hope we gave you some fun ideas from our table to yours!

xo Jess

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