Long gone are the days of the “traditional” dessert display. Lets get creative people! First things first, start with a theme or color and work your way up. That should be easy right? Well-creativity doesn’t come easy to everyone! Sometimes it can be hard to visualize the end result. But think of it this way, its a chance for you to create art. Thats what this really is-a form of art and expression. So go wild! Have fun. Imagine-then do. So back to my original message-start with a theme or color. This picture is from one of our custom dessert bars for a garden party soiree we produced in the Hamptons. To tie in the theme we created a custom 8-ft grass backdrop and nailed in white hollow frames from my favorite custom frame shop Busy Beavers Attic (ask for Barbara-tell her I sent you)! Clearly I don’t think most people reading this will be creating an 8 foot grass wall but you can even use a blank wall-insert decals, hanging objects directly over the table or use nature as your backdrop. Add to the tablescape by using flowers in vessels that will compliment your theme. From mason jars and old tea tins, to bud vases and galvanized buckets (shown here). And most importantly, add in coordinating desserts. Ok, LETS DO THIS!


Mixing fruit into your dessert table can add a nice and refreshing touch. Presenting them in small individual sizes will level the playing field with bite size desserts. And using unexpected items to display them in will be sure to impress your guests.

Event Design & Production: Jessica Boskoff Twenty Three Layers

Desserts: Ashleigh Blackman from Bake-tique 212

Photography: Vanessa Tierney Photography


Above was a another custom dessert table I created for a Bridal Shower. The theme was Vintage Parisian and oh so feminine! The table consisted of lace, tulle, pearls and soft pinks and purples. Some of my favorite items to use on a dessert table are right here; cake pops, sugar cookies, cupcakes (traditional and in a jar), mini layered cakes, and of course the the french macaron! To learn more about materials we used and all the details from the entire event, including the tablescapes check us out on Kara’s Party Ideas.


A key to creating a beautiful dessert table is symmetry. It gives the overall look purpose, and really lets the items displayed on the table stand out without looking too busy. Gives it a “wow this was well thought out” type of look! Details. Single most important word when it comes to event styling and design. The simple touches of the cupcake toppers, the texture of a tablecloth, defined shapes of a serving tray…Using props such as vintage books (from my fav book dealer Susan Wagner) at BeachBabyBlues. Yep. Its all about those beautiful details. And don’t be afraid of a bit of DIY! Have some fun. Imagine. Create.

Event Design & Production: Jessica Boskoff Twenty Three Layers

Desserts: Ashleigh Blackman from Bake-tique 212, Macarons by Woops

Photography: Vanessa Tierney Photography

Venue: Fig & Olive – Fifth Avenue

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